About Us

Our founder’s dream is to become a truly integrated minerals and energy resource organization, active in all aspects of the natural resources business. Today we aspire to be a major player and leader in the West African region within the next decade.


    As we develop capabilities in existing core business areas, we constantly seek new opportunities for growth. This prepares us for readiness as opportunities arise.
    We strive to perfect our knowledge of our core business areas. Our golden rule is, “Only world class”. If it’s not world-class, it’s not good enough. The winner in today’s world is the one with access to the most information.
Human Resources
    We value human resource development. Our people are our greatest asset. We will achieve world-class organization status by hiring and developing the best human resources.
    Today we seek to increase our share of the minerals and energy business by developing a diverse but integrated portfolio through our business groups.

    We are well positioned to acquire strategic assets worldwide.