Our Team of experts bring unparalleled leadership and experience to developing proven supply chain solutions, ensuring our clients receive global contracting and procurement support whilst ensuring convenient, timely and cost effective acquisition of goods and services.



  • Business Objectives Assessment;
  • Overall Procurement and Contracting Strategies/Approach;
  • Facilities Scoping Activities, Definition & Assessment, Concept Selection, Contracting and Procurement Planning;
  • Cost Estimating Systems;
  • Regulations and Permitting Considerations;
  • Commercial/Project Organization and Team Effectiveness;
  • Project Execution Planning Control;
  • Gate-Process and Assurance;
  • Specialist Negotiations; and
  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution.


We provide independent advisory and consulting services in the field of Commercial and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Leadership and Transformation.

Our Supply Chain Management Services:

We Supply Materials and Provide Services in the following Areas:



We supply Qualified Contractor Personnel to provide technical support for Oil and Gas majors. Contractors are to assume their role as recruiters and ensure that Company is provided with qualified candidates when requested.

We ensure constant and continuous monitoring of Contract Personnel which include but not limited to:
  • Provide subcontractor relationships with selected agencies to support transfer of experienced staff contractors between projects;
  • Recruit, identify, screen (Skill, medical and security) and submit candidates to Company with credentials that match Company defined relevant experience and expertise requirements, including Nigerian content;
  • Negotiate base rates with staff Contractor;
  • Pay Salary benefits (in compliance with Contractor established employee benefits and personnel administration for contract personnel);
  • Resolution and liability of all payment concerns including tax and payroll burdens;
  • To issue Tax Certificates at the end of every year;
  • Administration of compensation packages (Site Location Incentive Package[SLIP's]) as advised by Company;
  • Coordination of Contract Personnel visas, travel insurance and work permits for the designated assignment locations;
  • Coordinate Personnel Relocation and Transportation(where not provided by Company);
  • Provide safety and health measures related to the geographic assignment location, including "meet and greet" services, initial inoculations and ongoing medications and access to medical diagnosis and treatment for prevention of diseases specific to the assignment location as well as emergency evacuation in case of an incident (where not provided by Company);
  • Administration of malaria/curative kits as part of the contractors malaria control program;
  • Coordinate pre-employment checks (security background checks, pre-employment medicals including Alcohol and Drug);
  • Administration of Contractor's alcohol and drug use policy (in compliance with Company or affliate Alcohol and Drug Policy); and
  • Basic training of Staff Contract Personnel in areas of business ethics, sexual harassment, safety, health management and security awareness issues.


S/No. Project Client Date
1 Supply and Installation of Inlet Gas Exchanger and Separator with Skid for EAP IGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT Delta Afrik/MPNU 2015-2018
2 Supply and Installation of PIR Cutting Machine NLNG 2016/2017
3 Fabrication and Procurement of Riser Clamps for Usari. Delta Afrik/MPNU 2011/2012
4 Provision of Technical Support Services World Wide for NNPC/MPN Joint Venture Oil Project Mobil2005-2008
5 Supply of Spring Supports for UBIT GP RESTORATION PROJECT DA/MPNU 2017
6 Supply of Spring Supports for EAP IGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT DA/MPNU 2017
7 Supply of Flow Control Valves to Sea Eagle SPDC 2017
8 Supply of Flow Control Valves Sea Eagle SPDC2016
9Provision of Manpower Technical Services StardeepWater Petroleum Limited 2014
10 Supply of Flow Control Valves to Seaeagle SPDC 2014
11 Supply of Flow Control Valve to Ulsan MPNU 2013
12 Supply of Flow Control Valves Seaeagle SPDC 2013
13 Supply of Flange Insulation Kits and Variable Springs MPNU 2012
14 Fabrication, Procurement and Supply of Temporary Warehouse Delta Afrik/MPNU 2012
15 Provision of Manpower Technical Services Stardeep Petroleum Ltd, a subsidiary of Chevron Nigeria Ltd 2012
16 Supply of Kentintrol IP Positioners SPDC 2011
17 Supply of Workshop Tools NLNG 2009
18 Supply of Coffin Tubo Spares MPNU 2009
19 Supply of Explosion Proof Damper Actuator SPDC 2008
20 Supply of Office Equipments to Mobil Office Lagos MPNU 2008
21 Contract to Procure Battery Changer MPNU 2008
22 Contract to Procure ABB Electrical Products MPNU 2008
23 Procurement of Rope, Wire, Hoist and Solenoid Valves MPNU 2008
24 Procurement of Harness, Lifting MPNU 2008
25 Procurement of Workshop Tools NLNG 2008
26 Spare Parts Procured For Offshore Hose NLNG 2008
27 Procurement of ABB Low & High Voltages Electrical Materials SNEPCO 2008
28 Provision of Consulting Management Services ExxonMobil 2007
29 Provision of Driving Services for SNEPCO SNEPCO 2007
30 Provision of One Personnel for GCMS Implementation SPDC 2006
31 Provision of Minor Contract for various discipline (Skills) of Local Personnel such as Contract Analysis, Procurement Officers, Architects, Catering Supervisor, Engineers, Receptionists, SAP Specialist SPDC 2006
32 Provision of One Expatriate Contract Staff SPDC 2006
33 Contract to Procure ABB Control Valves Mobil 2003
34 Contract to Procure ABB Control Valves SPDC 2003
35 Procurement and Materials Management Course SPDC 2000