We care for the environment

We provide consultancy services in the field of Environmental Studies. We are endowed with seasoned multi-disciplinary team of experts that are up to the task of record breaking delivery in terms of quality and time, which has given us an edge over our contemporaries in the following areas, which include but not limited to the following:

Brief Description


Environmental Impact Assessment

The overall objective of the study is to establish a baseline inventory representing the present condition and ecological status of the area prior to project execution; assess the potential environmental, health and socio-economic impacts of site preparation, construction & operational activities and recommend appropriate measures to mitigate all significant negative impacts.


Environmental Evaluation Study/Report

The main objectives of EES are:

  • Establish the existing conditions of the study area thereby identifying the resources that may be affected by actions associated with the on-going operations;
  • and
  • Understand the existing operations and activities;
  • Outline the environmental aspect of a project, evaluate the risk and thus identify / evaluate the levels of impact significance on the environmental resources within the area.
    The key result of the EES will be the findings and recommendations that will be translated into specific actions. The Environmental Evaluation Report (EER) will also be used as basis for communication with relevant stakeholders, with reference to the issues identified during the course of the study.


Post Impact Assessment

Post Impact Assessment draws upon information gathered from the Initial Impact Assessment and is an appraisal of the extent of damage, disruption and breakdown to the community and its infrastructure resulting from the emergency event.


Geographic Information System & Remote Sensing

This is a system that is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage & present spatially referenced data for decision making. It answers the underlisted questions:

  • Location - What is at a given location?
  • Condition - Where does something occur?
  • Trends - What has changed over time?
  • Patterns - What spatial patterns exist?
  • Modelling - What happens if ?

Remote Sensing

This is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without any physical contact. We have used GIS & Remote Sensing to locate places, perform different forms of analysis and also improve the quality of data presentation.


Environmental Compliance Monitoring

The Environmental Compliance Monitoring Program was developed to ensure environmentally safe and sound operations. This established program is designed to determine industry conformity with environmental laws, regulations, lease stipulations, and project mitigations. Environmental monitoring provides for environmental protection by ensuring implementation of mitigation measures, identifying needed changes to mitigation to improve effectiveness in protecting coastal and marine resources, and understanding the changing environment.


Biodiversity Studies

Biodiversity Studies involves using specialised equipments and experts in the study of variability among living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine, and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are a part of; this includes diversity within species, between species, and of ecosystems


Seabed & Environmental Baseline Survey

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals provide quality baseline studies and subsea visualisation services to the offshore Oil and Gas industries. Our area of specialisation include but not limited to subsea survey and remotely operated vehicle instrumentation, sensors and software systems for multibeam sonar systems, 3D visualisation, scour monitoring and data processing and charting. Mak Mera Nigeria Limited has become an household name in professional and quality service delivery at all levels.


Environmental Audit

The key objectives of an environmental audit is to: Determine how well the environmental management information systems and equipment are performing. Verify compliance with the relevant national, local or other laws and regulations. Minimize human exposure to risks from environmental, health and safety problems.


Social Impact Assessment

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) involves the process of identifying and managing the social impacts of industrial projects. It can also be applied to policies, plans and programmes. SIA is used to predict and mitigate negative impacts and identify opportunities to enhance benefits for local communities and broader society.


Health Impact Assessment

Through our specialised Health Team, we conduct assessment of policies, plans and projects in specific areas of interest using quantitative, qualitative and participatory techniques.


S/No. Project Client Date
4 EES of Edop Production Field (Offshore) MPN 2015
5 EES of Inim Production Field (Offshore) MPN 2015
6 EES of Utue Production Field (Offshore) MPN 2013
7 EES of Yoho Production Field (Offshore) MPN 2013
8 EES of Ubit Production Field (Offshore) MPN 2013
9 EES of Oso Production Field (Offshore) MPN 2013
10 EIA of Obiafu/Obrikom – Oben (OB3) Gas Supply Pipeline Route Project. NNPC 2011
11 EIA of Offshore Satellite Field Development Project (Phases 1 & 2) in OMLs 67, 68, 70 & 104. MPN 2011
12 EIA of Gas Supply Project to Mix & Bake Flour Mill, Warri. NGC 2010
13 EER Based EIA of Bonny Terminal TDU Project, Bonny SPDC 2009
14 EIA of Proposed 35km Ganmo-Ogbomoso 132kv DC Transmission Line and Associated Substation Facilities Project. NIPP/PHCN 2008
15 EIA of 3D (Time-Lapse) Seismic Survey of OPL 212, Now OML 118. SNEPCo 2007
16 EIA of Proposed NNPC Mega Station at Ilorin, Kwara State. NNPC 2007
17 EIA/EER of Gusau Mega Station. NNPC2007
18 EIA of Proposed 66km Ganmo-Idofian-Ilorin 132kv Transmission Line Project. NIPP/PHCN2007
19 EIA of Ndyia Nkarika (OML 100/102) 3D Seismic (offshore) Survey Desktop Project. ELF 2006
20 EIA for the Seismic data Acquisition & Exploratory Appraisal of OPL 283 Project. CENTRICAL RESOURCES NIGERIA Limited 2006
21 EER of Uvwiamuge Engineered Dumpsite Project. SPDC2005
22 EIA of Canalisation of Ogbe-Ijaw Creek Project. NDDC 2004
23 EIA of Ajoki-Ologbo Road Construction Project. NDDC2003
24 EIA of Angalalei Hook-up Project. SPDC2003
25 EIA of Ikorodu Gas Distribution Pipeline Project. NGC2002
26 EER of Forcados North Bank Flowstation. SPDC 2002
27 EER of Afremo A & B Platforms. SPDC2002
28 EER of Forcados Estuary Flowstation. SPDC 2002
29 EER of Forcados South Bank Flowstation. SPDC 2002
30 EIA of Odidi Forcados Trunk Gas Pipeline Project. SPDC2001
31 EIA of Beneside Brass Export Gas Pipeline Project. SPDC2001
32 EER of Saghara Flowstation. SPDC2000
33 EER of Egwa 1 & 2 Flowstations. SPDC2000
34 EER of Utorogu Gas Plant. SPDC 2000
35 EER of Tunu Flowstation. SPDC2000
36 Seabed Survey of OPL 222 Exploratory Drilling Campaign (EIA). ELF 2000
37 EIA of Ovhor/Ubaleme/Okoporo Field Development Project. SPDC1999
38 EER of Eriemu Flowstation. SPDC1999
39 EIA of Evwreni Field Development Plan. SPDC 1999
40 Seabed Survey (Sampling and Analysis) of North Apoi and Funiwa Fields. TOPCON 1999
41 Assessment of the Biotic Communities and the Endangered Species in the Nature Reserves along the Nigerian Coastline from Benin to Cross River. ESSO 1998
42 EES of Meren Offshore Fields. CHEVRON 1998
43 Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Dredging of Access Creeks along Benin River from Ebrohimi to Bateren and Obaghoro villages. CHEVRON 1998
44 Seabed Survey (Sampling and Analysis) of Anyala Field. TOPCON 1998
45 Quarterly Monitoring and Implementation of EIA Findings and Recommendations of TOPCON's Ekpan Yard, Warri.TOPCON 1998
46 Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment of NAOC's Obiafu/Obrikom Gas Recycling Plant. NAOC 1998
47 EES of Abiteye Field. CHEVRON 1997
48 Monitoring and Implementation of EIA Findings and Recommendations of TOPCON's Ekpan Yard, Warri. TOPCON 1997
49 EER Studies of Aghigho, Upomami, Okpoko and Obodo Flowstations (OML 57). ELF1997
50 Environmental Impact Assessment of Ewan Offshore Field CHEVRON 1996