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MAKMERA Geophysics group is uniquely positioned to provide clients with expert and independent geoscience advice. We offer deep and broad expertise in the realm of geophysics acquisition, processing, interpretation, advanced techniques and reservoir characterization.

Our consultants have over 100 years of experience in a number of international geological basins.
We provide independent advice to a number of E&P companies, business consulting and investment firms.


Many experienced geoscientists are beginning to retire.
Although organizations have begun to correct the demographic imbalance, there is still a shortage of experienced geoscientists.

Many junior Exploration and Production companies do not have the size to hire a full time geoscientist.
MAKMERA Geophysics works with organizations on a project basis to fill in operational and skills gaps. Compared to independent consultants, we have a wide range expertise to bring forward.


    Geoscience Project Management

    Creating, developing and maintaining a resource management plan for all Geoscience operations.

    Database Management

    Organization of new and existing data.


    Acquisitions programs, obtaining existing data.


    Vendor management.


    Deposition maps, attributes, visualization.

    Advanced Techniques

    AVO, inversion.

    Reservoir Characterization
    Other Geophysics Techniques

    Gravity, magnetic, micro seismic.

    Other Geophysics Techniques

    Gravity, magnetic, micro seismic.

    Geoscience Investment Advisory

    Venture Capital Screenings – technical and economic analysis of new venture geology and geophysics.
    Asset Sales – assist clients in the sales and purchase of land and data assets.
    Portfolio Optimization – assist clients in the identification of core assets to compliment corporate strategy.

    Geoscience Business Advisory

    Advisor for M&A Transactions.
    Advisor for Special Purpose Committees.
    Advisor for Board and Management Committees.

    Expansion and Risk Analysis

    New Country Entry Strategy – identification of new basins and countries for organizations to enter.
    Basin Analysis – identification of geoscience upside and risks for new and existing basins.

    Geoscience Business Development.

    Development and maintenance of the prospect inventory.
    Conduct integrated prospect economics.
    Geoscience Process Optimization.
    Geoscience Process Management.
    Performance Measurement and Goal Setting.

    Geoscience Representation

    Partner / Joint Venture negotiation representation.
    Country or government representation.

    Geoscience Training and Development

    Assist companies in developing core geoscience skills among staff.
    Development of a HR hiring process.